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About KosmicFlux
Following the demise of the original line-up of local indie band Fools on Fire, in which I played bass guitar, I began working on sound production and engineering. My interest in this was sparked during the recording of the bands Musical Vision Demo E.P. and through subsequent discussions with our drummer Gus.Over a period of around six months, I built-up my current home studio set-up - which, to be fair, is pretty basic given the scope of what I'm doing. My Digital Audio Workstation is LMMS 0.4.9, which runs on Ubuntu Linux 10.4, although some of the synth sounds on Equinox were created using instruments in FL Studio 9 (running on WINE).For composition I mainly use a Korg SP-250 digital piano which runs through a USB MIDI interface into my Acer Aspire laptop. In addition to this I use an M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI controller and I also have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom, which I'm currently connecting to my rig to allow me the use of guitar sampling.In August 2010, I composed and produced my first full electronica track under the name KosmicFlux. This track was an early version of what would become Dream Logic, which features on debut album Equinox.Equinox is due to be released in early 2011 and following on from this I expect to begin work on its follow-up. I'm also looking for collaboration opportunities so, if you're interested, get in touch.KF (2011)