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United States, Hiphop, Hiphop - Rap

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King Kaiser - Talking Bout Ft. Kouture
King Kaiser - Regular Ft.ThrowD
About King Kaiser
James Kaiser aka King Kaiser Biography - - Born James Kaiser III aka King Kaiser in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on September 12, 1996. King Kaiser grew up in a small town with not much hope. I would listen to music of some of my favorite artist as a way to escape and I realized that even though chaos surrounded me, when I would listen to music, it was like I would escape and put myself somewhere else. I would mentally travel to a place of peace, a place I wanted, wished, and hoped to be. Later I moved to Texas to finish high school there. I remember my child hood and growing up as a rough adolescence. I used rap as an escape and a stress reliever from the poverty and violence infested neighborhood I was exposed to. My musical interest started very young first listening to songs and artist on the radio then continued when I would go to parades and hear the bands play and seeing how all the instruments would come together to make extraordinary music. During grade school, I had remember getting my hands on my first electronic studio where I could make beats on my computer. I first started sampling with the beats trying to recreate beats of other artist. Then, I started making my own beats and writing lyrics to the beats that I made. I found that my talent and strength was in rapping. From there, over the years, I have put out music singles, and video music singles on youtube to build my fan base as well as collaborated with friends, local artist, and touring artist to create singles and tracks of songs for cd release. Over the years, I have made several stage appearances and performed at shows either as a main artist with other performing artist or as a guest artist. To date as of my work efforts in the music industry, From here, for me, the ski is not my limit, and there is no limit to where I see my success in the music industry? - See more at: