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Kin6 X - My Way Pt. 1
About Kin6 X
Neko "Kin6 X" Farmer, Is the CEO and founder of K-X Records; he signed himself to K-X Records around March of 2009. He was born and raised in Carrollton, Georgia and still resides there to this day. At the early age of 13 is when he discovered his ability to manipulate and sculpt sentences to his liking with good response from others and so he grew from that and has developed his skills over the years in many different ways that include battle rapping, freestyling, ghost writing, and music production. Here are afew words from Kin6 X: "Throughout my life I've had many difficult challenges to overcome. Iv been on both ends of a gun, and literally even lost my mind for afew years while i was a teenager. The list goes on, but I wanna say that I cherish each and every one of these experiences. If not for them id just be another generic rapper trying to get famous on the same ole story of comin from the ghetto, sellin drugs, and bein an O.G. Thats just not me, and I'll never settle with just being "average", hate it or love it im me.. Kin6 X." Live by the Sword, Die by the Gun.