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About Khangelani AkaJahkid
Khangelani Aka Jahkid is cultural hub based in Mandalay in Cape Town in South Africa under the Leadership of Khangelani Mtyhalela. Born in St Marks in Cofimvaba in now the Province of the Eastern Cape in the New Republic of South Africa. Khangelani grew up in Cala and in Cape Town and studied in Cape Town as well as in Johannesburg. An established athlete with Provincial and National Gold Medal in Soccer and a Film Maker studied at Century Film School as well as at AFDA respectively. Started performing as a busker and cultural pioneer as a Teen part of the Madiba Pioneer Cultural Group under the leadership of Nontembiso Brenda Mtshotwana in Cape Town (Mandalay) and prior that was coach by Sis Maurine in St Marks Cofimvaba. From busking on the weekends on the streets of Cape Town CBD, Khangelani together with other youths in Mandalay participated in Shell Road To Fame in Music as well as in Dance Category. to sharpen performance skills Khangelani and the crew particiated in a number of Talent Search Competitions including Ghetho Ruff "Who going to be the Next Kwaito Star" Presented by Zola 7 sponsored by Schweppes as well as the SABC Beach Road Studio Talent Search to name but a few. After the time of performance an are of studio recording started in early mid 90s when Khangelani was with a crew called Pipes Squad and Mama Dance Studios was amongst the biggest studios to book a session at in that time in Cape Town. Later Khangelani Joing forces with the late Uyanda Poswayo famously known as Nomyah - the duo managed by Nezile Xolile Ntutha teamed up to form Informative Blackseeds which is part of Mouthfull Entertainment supported by like of Ncedo Sogiba. Khangelani performed in the Informative Balck Seeds as King Sir Botha Hemp Mouthfull Entertainment in 1998 became of the companies that formed Soldiers of Informative Arts (Collective) as a community based Organisation bringing together artists from variety of Cape Townships . In 2008 Khangelani started solo career supported by the collective under the name Khangelani aka Jahkid . Mid 2010 Khangelani was working close with Brazuka aka Senzo Sakwantu from First Case and Soldiers of Informative Arts on a number of singles which featured on the debut full album entitled Made in Cofimvaba completed recording in 2014 in Germany after other tracks recorded in Kempton Park in Johannebsurg as well as in Malunga Park in Cape Town and in Kwezi Park in Khayelitsha. In the debut album Khangelani worked with a number of artists on a number of collaborations including Victor Paul from Malawi, As well as Bc Mutamasango and Trust Mutemasango from Zimbabwe as well as Hannibal from Zambia and Dj Phast and Nick from Germany to name few Khangelani has opened stage for big acts including Teba Shumba, Zola 7 and Alpha Blondie. Khangelani launched his International Touring Career in 2011 with his Ubuntu Amandla Summer Tour in the European Union covering countries such as Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. amongst big artists Khangelani has shared the stage with the like of Mapaputsi , Black Dillinger, Crosby Bolani, Jahnet Tafari and Driemanskaap Off stage Khangelani work as a exclusive booking agent and tour manager for the Legendary Don Laka and also work as executive for a number of multi media companies as well as is a sports administrator and multi media producer and cultural activist working in industry transformation as well a community development and lobby for financial support of historically disadvantaged talented individuals and in South African and Europe Khangelani owns personally all his music together with his family and friends who participate in the making of the music Khangelani Makes Films under his Kinglani Films company and does his international work under Siyakha South Africa Youth Culture Association registered in Germany as Non Profit Organisation and Commercial work is done under Siyakha South Africa Youth Culture Initiative and Music distribution and Publishing is Handled by Aka Jahkid Music Publishing and Distribution and all the Management and Strategic leadership and innovations is done under Mouthfull Entertainment Medicine and innovation is done under Mvuzo Craft and Herbal Youth work is done under Ikapa Youth Film Festival - Khangelani also work as a freelancer in the creative industry (Radio, Film, TV and Print ) as well as in Music and Live Events - including film festivals and music concerts