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Kazune Koyama

Japan, Jazz

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About Kazune Koyama
Kazune Koyama is a Japanese music AI designer who began improvising with the piano and composition right after he was born. He graduated from AMVOX(Tokyo, Japan) Composition/Arrangement Course and Koyo Conservatory(Nagoya, Japan) Jazz Piano Course. After his career as a musician and a composer, he started organising workshops to invent acoustic instruments from scrap and make a song without any knowledge and skill in music (Invent Music), hands-on lecture on sound (Sound Academy), rambling through nature or a city center while listening to the sounds of the place (Earwalk). He is also working on intelligent systems (AIs) that generate sound/music reacting to scenery, temperature, movement, facial expression, etc., for the purposes of education, art therapy, game, ads, etc. His main works are: Nagoya Groovin' Summer (music/Nagoya, Japan, 2011), Aurora Theater of Polar Science Museum (music/Japan National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, 2011-2012), "The Breathing City"(art project/Beppu, Japan, 2013), the acoustic simulator for disaster warning system (development, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan, 2015).