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Kamikaze CMI

United States, Hiphop, Pop, Rock

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Kamikaze CMI - I'm Good (feat. Half Breed)
I classify my genre as Alternative Hip-Hop. It’s a mix between Rock and Rap. I typically use some of the strings instruments you would find in Rock and Roll and merge it with the bass, hi hats and snar you hear in Hip-Hop. And also use a Hip-Hop tempo and lyrics but use the attitude and delivery of Rock and Roll hooks, in my hooks. So sometimes you may hear me screaming.
About Kamikaze CMI
I’m a Artist and a Music Producer. If I had to choose which one I like best or which one I’m best at; I couldn’t. I’m by far my worst critic. I produce all my own beats and write all my own lyrics. I use KORG, M3, M50, Triton Extreme or live instruments for all my productions. I will produce a track and love it, but after listening at it a hundred times I start to dislike it, I will delete it. All my music I love none no more than the other. I am very conscious when I write however; I’m not a conscious rapper. I speak what’s on my mind.