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United Kingdom, Rock - Alternativerock

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Tier 1 should be free! Please Llama, let it be so. Until then, fans can visit fiftyyearlate.com via the web link above for full discography, streaming and download. Thank you, for your support. KCJ RAR, fifty year late!

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Featured tracks
Don't Mean To Be Rude
Sugared (explicite)
Ancient Forms Of Life
Prog Weed
Common Garden Blues
I wrote nearly 200 songs in the 70's and 80's. The full story about KCJ RAR and Project Retoons is on facebook. I am now reproducing those lost songs incorporating multi-instrumentation to create classic rock numbers that never were; symphonic prog epics that could have been; and avant-garde psychedelic art rock grooves that surely fill a gap in music history! Yeah, not quite as in the movie "Yesterday", which, if you’ve not seen, I recommend as a wonderful film. But in short, I'm having a lot of fun going back in time massaging my youth ego. KCJ RAR , fifty year late!