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United Kingdom, Rock - Artrock

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Behind The Vivid Imagery
KARELIA'S DISCORD is a genre-bending Visual Rock band that infuses everything from pop to rock to jazz fusion, avant-garde, neo-classical, and more. Their music is driven by heavy guitars, soaring melodies, and dynamic rhythms, and they place a heavy emphasis on visual composition, much like Art Rock.Influenced by the Japanese Visual Kei style and bands like X Japan, DIR EN GREY, and The Gazette, KARELIA'S DISCORD's music is an exploration of the human experience with themes ranging from love and loss to personal growth and transformation. Join KARELIA'S DISCORD on their musical journey and discover the power of their unique sound. "Honestly though, using the word “unique” or “inventive” only scratches the surface of the sheer beauty and originality that ASPHYXIA brings to the table." - We Write About Music"Very interesting soundscapes and concepts going on in this release! There's a gothic, dark undertone but with melody and messages of bringing light from the dark, so there is a nice balance of light and heavy, dark and light, Yin & Yang." - Dejected Media"There’s a certainly a new wave of new romantic-80’s bands, but not many of them seem to either get the style right and or add much to what’s already (so well) done years ago. And I guess that is the question that emerges every time one is confronted to any artist that could be catalogued in this “record bin”. Such is the case with Karelia’s Discord, a band that is clearly inspired by those dark sounds. And so, what do they do with that inspiration? Well, “Behind The Vivid Imagery” is a great single at that: clear songwriting, ace production, delicate execution. There’s a Dave Gahanesque lead voice, but arranged in a verse-and-response way, that sets it apart from any Depeche Mode. The guitars have also a distinctive role, thus, the final mix results in a rather personal sound. At least as far as this single goes." - Daniel Flores (Editor-in-chief for Rolling Stone Argentina)