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About Jewleyouse merances
Jewleyouse Merances, Hood RepresenterRoaring out of one of America’s most influential and powerful musical cities is another up and comer in the constantly changing and burgeoning hip hop game. Jewleyouse Merances is representing the city of Chicago as one of their latest rising stars, kicking in the door with both barrels blazing and prepared to take the entire rap scene by surprise. With the release of his first record, Hard Work and Dedication, he’s ready to demonstrate his impeccable flow and style from coast to coast. Born and raised on the streets of Chicago, Merances was brought up on the iconic sounds of hip hop and R&B legends such as Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Notorious BIG and Dr. Dre. His parents owned a record store in the city, giving him almost unlimited access to some of the greatest music minds of our time, imprinting a burning desire to write and eventually record his own songs. As a child, he experimented and rapped every day, practicing on his way to and from school while eventually building an immense library of rhymes. Merances’ upbringing and lifestyle runs deep throughout his music, which is jam-packed with stories about the streets, hustling, women, drugs, sex, money and more. While drawing comparisons to mainstreamers such as Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Drake and others, he easily slides right into the genre, capable of going head to head with anyone in the underground rap scene. Produced by New Fire Productions, his first music video for “Hood Representa” lit up YouTube following the release of Hard Work and Dedication. Filmed in hi-def black and white, the song takes fans through the rougher side of Chicago, giving a little glimpse into the lifestyle of Merances and his crew. Following the success, he and New Fire quickly answered back with another movie-like video for “I’m So Impatient,” which was directed by Isaac T. Herrera. Media throughout Chicago  land began to take notice, as he eventually landed interviews and guest spots on CAN TV, new music station B96 and hip hop giant 107.5 WGCI. With appearances at The Rap Factory, Subterranean, Tonix Room, Double Doors, Club E and other local venues already under his belt, Merances is poised to break into the next level of hip hop stardom. New projects are already underway, as this rapping and rhyming machine can’t help but continue to produce track after track of fiery, in-your-face music. The new mixtape, Rapping for Dummies 1o1 is slated to drop in March, featuring his latest single “Walking Like a Penguin,” and collaborations with other artists for the second installment have already begun.  Hard Work and Dedication is available now through digital retailers such as iTunes, and both of Merances’ music videos along with live footage are streaming on YouTube and ReverbNation. Fans can visit his official MySpace or Facebook pages for streaming audio and pictures, as well as follow him on Twitter @JMerances for all of the latest info.