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Jet 2

United States, Hiphop, Hiphop - Rap, Rnb

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Nobody but You
Act of Love
About Jet 2
“I never let them tell me there are any limits,” says an enthusiastic Jet 2 in an in-house interview with Len Springs. Jet 2 discovered his passion for music at an early age through playing drums with his father Jerri Jheto, and listening to several genres of music growing up. Ultimately, this passion led Jet 2 to become the drum technician for Akon where he continually learned from experiences out on tour. Jet 2 began his passion for lyricism at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, and his overall theme in his music is uncanny truth and confidence in sticking to what you believe in. Jet 2 is influenced by Jay-Z’s uncanny accuracy and vivid lyricism. His words rhythmically tell a story through each syllable. Jet 2 is also heavily influenced by Ab-Soul’s belief that humans are not only human beings, but spiritual beings. Each song nudges the listener to dig deeper than the physical outlook of life and question what you hear. Jet 2 ties both of these artists’ strong points into his musical view and exercises his own influence of inspiration to each listener.