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Echoes Of Her Dying Silhouette
This Untamable Fire
A Heap Of Ashes
About Ischemia
In late summer of 2005 Ischemia was putting together an arsenal of musicians. The Beck family has always been a family that is involved in the Southern Oregon music scene. Guitarist Jason Beck, husband to Trinity Beck (co-screamer) had been in a band early on in their marriage and after the end of that band they felt a need to build a better band. The early stages of development as a doom band, Ischemia was fronted by Wally Boyko, now front man in Blueprint For Disaster, complete with his trademark “skullet” hair-do. Trinity’s brother Greg Beals would remain as drummer. Now the three were looking for a bass player. Chris Miller was approached with the idea of playing bass. During practice, the mic check was done by Chris occasionally, and since the bass thing didn’t work out, it was decided to make Ischemia into a dualing vocal band. Although most influenced by the doom metal and sludge rock, Ischemia was interested in a more complex song arrangement, thus it’s unclear as to what category would aptly describe our sound. Trent Beck joined up as the bassist, then last but not least was Ryan Mondry, a long time friend of the Beck family, on a second guitar. This six member band has shared the stage with some amazing bands and are moving forward with a full length cd set to release in 2008.