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About In a Daze
In a Daze is an alternative rock trio from Brussels. In 2000 Thibaut devotes himself to song and guitar and founds the band with his brother Mehdi on drums. But its in 2003 that the band finds a cohesion with Jean-Philippe who takes the bass, infusing its sensitivity in the trio.In March 2005, In a Daze leaves the P37 studio in Enghien with its first demo entitled Frenzy. Just before the summer, Mehdi having to leave the band for personal reasons, that's a new drummer, Tone, which settles behind the drum kit and offers to the bass/guitar duet its energy and its effectiveness. In November 2005, "Frenzy" is recorded at the Inraci's studio.Their music is rock'n'roll and effective, but the dynamics is based on rich melodies. In a Daze finds its true identity through atmospheric and hypnotic compositions, but also frantic and schizophrenic.In 2006, the trio makes many gigs and communicates with much success its ENERGY and its ORIGINALITY to the public, attracting notice during contests as Blast Beat (the band played in Ireland), Emergenza or the Rock the City...An acoustic version of the set exists to allow more flexibility and versatility in concert according to the place. The use of new instruments like piano or saxophone is considered. This year, In a Daze makes and seeks as much concerts as possible, and JUST FINISHED THE RECORDING OF AN EP !!!Two songs have been recorded live in february at the Inraci's studio : "Moist and Blind" and "I Turn Back Myself", them are very "in a daze" ;-)...LAST NEWS :--> THE BAND HAS JUST WON WOLUROCK'S MUSIC COMPETITION !!---> SEVERAL NEW SONGS ARE COMING ---> THE EP WILL BE SOON AVAILABLE !DON'T MISS THE NEXT EVENTS !!