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Icon Girl Pistols

Japan, Rock - Alternativerock, Indie, Rock

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Neon Glass Pledge
DIY Mentality
Crushed Beneath The Wheels
The Fall of Tokyo
Lettuce Coloured Umbrella
About Icon Girl Pistols
 Icon Girl Pistols is an indie rock group formed in Tokyo in 2008. With a blend of musical influences both modern and traditional, and narrative lyrics featuring mysterious characters faced with the complexities of love and society, IGP have created a unique sound that reinvents the folk tradition with a distinct alternative edge.In addition to over a dozen singles and several EPs released for free download, the band have released several albums: “New Currency” in 2009, “Goodbye Donuts (Hey, Statue of Liberty)” in 2011, "The Man Named Mosaic" in 2016, and "Adolescence" in 2018. All albums are available from bandcamp.