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Germany, Rock, Reggae - Ska

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Monday Night
About Heather What?
Heather What? was born in Limericks in Paderborn, Germany, from a dispute between me (Marc) and a friend (Jochen). It was about the actress of the character "Jody Banks" of the series "The Unknown Stuntman". Jochen insisted on the opinion that it was Heather Locklear, I was sure it was Heather Thomas. In pre-smartphone times you could not just google on the Internet. So, in our Guinness-inspired condition, we decided to ask the guests around the house and sometimes heard one or the other surname, but mostly a "heather what?" ... that may well have been due to our ability to communicate at this late hour ... What is left of the night was the idea that "Heather What" is a good band name and it should bring up a project with changing musicians and occupations. I can not remember the exact concept as it was also written after the consumption of a lot of beer and Whiskey, but the idea for the project Heather What was founded.