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Hate Inc. - Art of suffering
Hate Inc. - Learn To Love
Hate Inc. - Harangue
Hate Inc. - Fragments
About Hate Inc.
"ART OF SUFFERING"  HATE INC NEW ALBUM WORLWIDE RELEASE JUNE 6th 2011Club Inferno Ent/Audioglobe11 tracks produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc./Epochate)Get you copy HEREcontact Hate Inc. us and leave a comment on our pages to make our visibility grow! Thank you in   [press LIKE button to suppor us :-)] Hate Inc. project first started around 2002 as a one-man-band entirely created and conceived by Vincent Vega. So at the begining it was nothing more than just a studio project, with Vincent's main pourpose of trying to escape the absolute vacuum of the southern Italian life. But within a short period of time, Hate Inc. became his main music project because the songs and lyrics that were being compossed represented all that he is as a musician and as a man as well. He left all the other projects he was involved with at the time as drummer and by the end of the year 2007, due to the growing set list, the Hate Inc. project was turned into a real band with a full five-piece line up for live performances and shows. They started working on the matterial for a time-line of two years and in December (of the year 2008) the band had it's first live performance. As a band, Hate Inc. always put a lot of effort and energy into their live performances, seing it as a serious and crucial part in their existance. Their hard work and dedication to their music has contributed to live performances where they have shared the stage with other great artists such as Dope Stars Inc. , Extrema and a lot more others. One year later (in 2009) Hate Inc. entered the Vegastudios and started recording 12 songs. During this process a release intitled "FRAGMENTS" (2009) came to be - as the band's first official release which was entirely written and recorded by Vincent Vega.This release is consisted out of 4 songs. The production and the mixing of this matterial was done by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) After that, the band finished working on their upcoming debut album intitled "Art Of Suffering" which is consisted out of 12 songs. This album as well was fully produced and mixed by Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc.) and recorded by Vincent Vega. It will be distributed worldwidely by Club Inferno Ent. / My Kingdom Music.Currently Hate Inc. are doing many shows as they can, spreading their sound and introducing people to their work. They are also working on new matterial for their second album that is in the making. They have written down around 20 songs and after the release of "Art Of Suffering" they will start focusing on new and fresh ideas for this second release. As far as the sound of Hate Inc. goes - it is a combination of Industrial metal of North-european descent mixed with American influences and with some rockish shades. An interesting mix of energy, anger, desperation and melody, all entwined with electronics.