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Flower and the Bone (feat. Lisa Johansson - Draconian)
Dead in Soho
E.V.O.3 - Cyberlover (extreme version)
E.V.O.3 - Cyberlover
About GrimFaith
Playing self-styled ‘Marginal Metal’, Ukrainian band GrimFaith blend a sense of the macabre with dark gothic themes and a dash of humor to great a unique musical experience. The band offers the following greeting to the world in 2011 : “GrimFaith says hi to the world freak community! We are ill natured guys influenced by the Chernobyl magic rays and Carpathian bloody bordellos. Thus we are very strong and passionate and require your worship!”The new 2011 EP “Hearts and Engines” continues and refines the sound that GrimFaith unleashed with their debut 2008 album ‘Grime’. The EP opens with “Flower and the Bone”, featuring a guest performance by vocalist Lisa Johansson from Swedish gothic/doom metal band DRACONIAN and gothic/rock/metal band SHADOWGARDEN. Asked about the new songs, guitarist/lyricist Igor Cherepanov said “It talks about artificial lover bots, teenage problems with serial murderers and mental experiments by Andy Warhol and his friends. These things are actually really important to us. More interesting topics coming up in our second album.”