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Ease The Ride
What About Hope
Butterfly Free
Can't find the flow
About Gert Breitenkamp
Born 0ct.18.1968 Vesterbro in Copenhagen Denmark.self-taught musician/songwriter/composer/producer. Playing drums, guitar and bass,since the age of twelve. As drummer, made several albums with various artists and bands. At the age of forty, performed well over two-thousands gigs and concerts world-wide.Some of the bands:Afterglow - acoustic/melodic/hard rock Bad Reputation,- later,- The Black Rose (Thin Lizzy Tribute).  Armageddon - heavy/progressive metal.  Borge Biceps, Blues Juice, Buddy Lou´s - Blues. Judas Killaz, - later,- Breakin´the Law (Judas Priest Tribute). Totem - rock/melodic rock. Root Doctor-The Last Juju - progressive world-music. The Dimes - rock´n´roll covers 50s-70s & originals. Chimbo’s Revival -rock’n’roll 50s-60s. The French Cabaret - experimental/bluegrass & more. Ulo (Greenland) - melodic/symphonic rock, plus many others, and studio sessions.