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Geraldine Taylor

United Kingdom, Electronic, Filmscore, Jazz, Pop, Hiphop - Rap

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Chase That Dream ft Laurence D
Inspiration to pursue one's dream and to fulfill their life purpose.
Change Part II ft Laurence D
Inspiring intrinsic and extrinsic change.
Endless ft Chrisley Stewart
An endless love.
Change Part I ft Laurence D
Inspiring intrinsic and extrinsic change.
A Dream Come True ft Ravi
A romantic love song.
About Geraldine Taylor
BMI Songwriter and founder of Talented Showcase 1 and ambassador for Elite Fitness Apparel. Her song titles include Change, Imagine, Every Kind of Beautiful, Have Hope, Pour on Us A Blessing, Set to Rise and much more. Her songs have been recorded and performed by artists worldwide. She has written songs for music producers, music publishers, artists and record labels from across the globe. Her music covers a range of genres including pop, electronic, soul, gospel, r n b, theatre and more.