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About Future Prophecy
Future Prophecy is Hagay Elazara, a 2nd degree software engineer Since those early days, Future Prophecy has developed a unique sound of their own, with top class production and composition skills. No wonder Hagay has cast his spell on the dance floors for so many years. Future Prophecy released four albums between the years 1997 to 2000. They left their mark on the world by unleashing several monster tracks including the legendary "Indra", "Freak" and an unforgettable remix of X-Dream’s classic "The 2nd Room" that swept away thousands! They gained credibility and recognition in the trance world, rising to new heights with the release of their fifth album "Concept of Love". Over the past 3 years, they achieved state of the art production skills and an innovative fresh musical direction. Future Prophecy is back with a blast to conquer the dance floor with their 6th studio album "Body Shaker to be released in March/April 2006. They are busy promoting their future prophecy and performing material from the upcoming album.