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Italy, Rock - Alternativerock, Pop - Electropop, Rock - Electrorock, Indie, Indie - Indiepop, Indie - Indierock, Rock - Newwave, Pop, Rock

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Fluydo - 7 Fool Moons - 03
Fluydo - 7 Fool Moons - 02
Moon 2 (feat. Ice One)
Moon 1
About Fluydo
Fluydo is a duo project operating in the pop/electro-rock scene.The clash between artists/producers Anto and Tico bases itself on their diversities in personality, influences and backgrounds. The result is a transverse, contaminated sound which can hardly be related to a single musical genre.After their debut ep with italian indie-pop label Cantieri Musicali and a couple of tracks in Dj Sensei's album for major BMG, they get signed up with the legendary italian indie, CNI.They publish their debut album "7 Kings" and a very peculiar 4-track record, "Word Up", with italian elektro/hip-hop maestro Ice One.