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Brazil, Folk, Indie - Indierock, Hiphop - Lofi

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FileLife - Strangers
From Aracaju, Brazil
About Filelife
Filelife is a solo project by the brazilian artist Diego Tauchert, who was born in the city of Ibirubá, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in February 21th, 1990, but still in the beginning of his life, moved to the state of Sergipe, northeast of Brazil. Between 2015 and 2016, Filelife recorded 3 albums at Studio Mojo in the city of Aracaju, with the production of Fabricio Rossini and the mixing and mastering of Léo Airplane.Some of the songs on the third album were produced by the sound master, Anderson Kabula.The musical genre that defined Filelife is indie rock and folk, very influenced by British music.Room to Farewell was my first album, released in 2016, check out a self-titled song by clicking here.Plunge was my second album, also released in 2016, check out a sugested song by clicking here.Atlantic Bridges was my third album released at the beginning of 2017, check out a sugested song by clicking here.In the year 2021, the fourth Filelife album will be release, named “Ground Zero/Coordinates”, which means “Marco Zero / Coordenadas” in Portuguese, after almost 4 years without any release. So wait and be sure to follow Filelife on streaming platforms