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Germany, Indie, Indie - Indiepop, Rnb, Soul

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Rainy Day
EveryNowHere’s sophomore single ‘’Rainy Day’’ is a reflection on semi-requited love, the 21st century’s modern twist on a timeless human dilemma.
Rainy Day (Acoustic)
Acoustic version of Rainy Day was a live studio session recording in Germany.
Standing Still
EveryNowHere’s Debut single ‘Standing Still’ is a contemplative tribute to the dualities of the human condition and it’s quiet celebration of a glimpse into the same beyond the conventional boundaries of time and space.
About EveryNowHere
EveryNowHere, pka T.L. Mazumdar has been nominated for national awards and called ”…a major talent” by the likes of Jack Douglas (Producer: John Lennon, Miles Davis, etc.). A quintessential Third Culture Kid and nomad, Re_Movement celebrates the acceptance of a blur of constantly changing backdrops as a home and the shedding of socio-cultural baggage to reveal stories closer to the truth of the human condition and it’s journey on planet earth. ”Standing at 1500m above sea level on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with Venus and the stars above me, it felt easier to be reminded that I didn’t exist. I have never belonged. And tonight it felt ok. I am EveryNowHere. This is Re_Movement.”