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Dreams from Gin

US, Rock - Alternativerock, Indie, Punk

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4 tracks
Sample tracks
I Demand Euphoria
A combination of acoustic and electric instruments create a heartfelt soothing verse and an intense booming chorus.
Somber and dreamy sounding guitars mix with mellow vocals to create a peaceful and melancholy song about moving on to new things.
On Off
A dark brooding verse explodes in a fiery and grunge filled chorus in Dreams from Gin's "On Off"
A catchy pop rock song about when a relationship ends and you wish you were still friends but the other person wishes you were dead.
About Dreams from Gin
Born in a gas station turned studio and taking over New York, Dreams From Gin embodies everything it means to be in a Alternative Rock band. They have performed with award winning acts such as Grammy nominated Chris Trapper and chart topping Local H. Their music has been featured in PC and PS4 hit game "Beat Hazard Ultra" along with the Indie Hit game "Reflections." Dreams from Gin's music spans the gambit from deep metaphorical indie rock to angry and distorted alternative. Whether barking out a loud chorus or crooning during a melancholy verse, Dreams from Gin's songs keep listeners moving their feat.