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Hyper Gravitation
Eclipse (Sorrowmurk remix)
About Dissociactive
 Dissociactive project was started by Slavik Ikasjan in the year 2001. In the begging it was mostly his experiments with friends ( Pavel Sorokovov, Michael Aleshin and Varik Gleb). Each of them had a separate project, but they weren’t realized and creations have remained in a form which nostalgy.More interesting things hapend in 2003 when respected Israeli label DooF Records had released results of two experiments under the code names: Fabrikikoz and Lakrimoza. Slavik’s laboratory assistant at that time was Varik Gleb, with whom they worked closely for about 2 years. Same time guys got aquainted with a guru of the psychedelic world Alex Parasense, who played a key role in the project destiny. They started to perform at most parties that Parasence family had made around Moscow.Later Slavik meet Evgeny Martynov, a member of Russian reaggy-dub band Dub TV. They joined forces for next 3 years. Slowly name Dissociactive become known not only on the Russian scene but world wide too. In 2005 the debute album called “Block Out” was released by legendary AcidDance records and got lots of feedback from the Globe. That made Dissociative to perform at parties and festivals around Europe.However Evgeny preferred a more calm life, not within trance scene, and Slavik had moved to the sunny country of Spain for a while and there he continued to carry out new and more sophisticated experiments with sound! Soon you will have a chance to hear them on upcoming album by Dissociactive called Total Transformation.