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The Game
Part One
About DaveFilms Digital Media
About DaveFilms Digital [email protected] We produce theater for the mind. That is to say… Audio dramas with ambient music that fits the mood. The first drama is called; “The Game” Here is an example of what you will hear. SCENE ONE Sfx:                Gun shot sound. A mans groan in pain, then the sound of a body falling to the ground. Police sirens can be heard from the distance. The sirens stop as a car drives up. The Police get out. The car doors open and close. (Ambience: Out door evening sounds.) Police #1:     Let’s get the scene roped off. Call off the rush for the ambulance. He is obviously dead… Poor fellow…. Police #2:     Poor fellow? What do you mean? This guy was a cold blooded murderer. This is the notorious De Omani. He makes the “Son of Sam” seem nice and neighborly.I am glad he is dead. Less work for us! Police #1:     After all these months of work tracking him down. To be killed by a mugger. Poetic justice! (To ambulance crew.) Take this scum away. (With distain.) Police #2:     You can’t cheat death. If we find the mugger we should thank him… (To the body.) Off to the morgue with you! Police #1:     Right! Good riddance. Sfx:                The sounds of people shuffling feet can be heard. The body being picked up and loaded in to an ambulance for transport. The vehicle departs the scene. WALLA:        Strange low mumbling. Unintelligible for a few seconds. END SCENE ONE The second is called ‘Twilight Sleep’.  SCENE ONE Mood music: Up and under. (Tense and foreboding.) Sara:              (Tossing and turning in bed) Sigh…. Why is this happening to me? Why can’t I sleep? Sfx:                Sound of door knob twisting and the door opening then shutting. Henry:           (low) Sara, I’m back with your medicine. This should get you to sleep. Sara:              Oh… Thanks’ babe… I don’t know what I would do with out you and my pills. If the nightmares would just go away… Oh! I can’t talk about it.  Henry / Narrating: This sleep thing started two months ago. Before that we were a happy, newly wed, couple. No cares. Loving each other where and when we could. The night of the new moon changed all that. Now she only dozes off. She looks like the undead. The dark circles under her eyes. She hasn’t slept in weeks!  Check out my site: