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United States, Hiphop, Indie, Production - Intro, Hiphop - Rap

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The Best
This motivational and inspirational clip is great for commercials, tv show transitions, movie trailers, and vlog channels! The chorus pushes the listener to be the best that they can be.
Number One
This inspirational hip hop song discusses being your own "Number one". It is a light but fun song that is great for scene transitions, background music, vlogs, and podcasts.
Get Better Everyday
This inspirational hip hop song is great at motivating and inspiring any audience to get better every day. Great for vlogs, podcast intros, tv show transitions, and other background commercial uses.
Never Be Defeated
This motivating and energetic rap song is perfect for fight scenes, action, and sport highlights.
About Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate is an up and coming new age, hip hop icon out of Nashville, Tennessee. He is pushing to get clean, inspirational, rap music at the industry’s forefront. Born and raised in and around Chicago, Illinois, DC did not seriously start writing until age 14. His vision was to relate to those going through tough times without having to change who he is. After moving to Nashville, the home of country music, he adapted to a more lyrically driven society as opposed to one of punch lines and clever dialogue. This allowed for collaboration between the two styles which brought you the man you see today. Musical influences include Florida Georgia Line, 2 Pac, Drake, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Ludacris, and Luke Bryan. “Perseverance and Smart work create personal wealth, whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial.” These are the words that drive this artist every day in the pursuit if his dream. As a current Nashville Songwriting contender and internationally known sensation, he is hoping to spread his message throughout the States and the Globe in the near future.