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Spawned in the Stars
Above Us
             DOUTOR PHIBES is an hard rock band from Brazil, formed in 2004 by guitarist Henrique Abel (aka Caveira) and lead singer Suzan Milena de Athayde (aka Suzy Lee). Major influences of the band are Blue Oyster Cult, The Misfits, Deep Purple and Metallica.              The band went through a number of other members in the last three years, and are estabilized today with Renato Corte on drums and Leandro Andrade on the bass. In the early days, the band basically played covers of classic punk bands, such as The Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys and others.              Besides that, the desire of the original members was to write original songs, inspired in different influences from punk to hard rock and heavy metal. So, in 2005 the band recorded their first Demo-CD, "Sem Destino", with four original songs, all with lyrics in portuguese ('Freeway do Caos", "Sem Destino", "Sempre Não" and "Outra Vez").              The name of the band was inspired in the movie "The Abominable Doctor Phibes" (the word "doutor" means "doctor" in portuguese, native language of Brazil), starring Vincent Price, a true idol of guitarist Henrique "Caveira".              The band is now promoting their second Demo-CD, called "Christina", with other four new original songs, but this time with all lyrics in english ("Fahrenheit", "Spawned in the Stars", "Above Us" and "Christina"). The new work was recorded and mixed by uruguain producer Sebastian Carsin (former member of death metal band Ossuary) and a especialist in heavy sound, which result in a much better sonoroty for this new work.             In their shows, the band usually also play selected covers of rock classics from artists like The Who and Neil Young.INTERNET:Orkut Comunity:   Fotolog: