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Frederic Chopin - Fantasie-Impromtu (cis-moll) op.66 422.5 Hz (Record by Artem Gareev)
This is not an ordinary performance in its expected presentation. Since in our time a huge amount of piano music has been created, it seems to me that soon, if the performer really wants to cover as large as possible the repertoire and cover it with quality, he will have to finally sacrifice the concert form of performance. As Glen Gould said, the era of sound recording has begun. As a pianist, I also understand that if I want to cover as much of the repertoire as possible, discover something new in it, I will inevitably need to reduce the amount of time devoted to parsing these compositions. World 21 Century need everything at once. And it is desirable that every day was something new. At this pace to work as before the artist is unreal. Therefore, it seems to me that many pianists play almost the same thing every year. There is simply no time for anything other than a concert tour. It seems to me - I found a solution to this problem: for me the process of execution is no longer important. Now it’s much more important for me to work on the existing recorded material. In this work, I can minimize the marriage and convey my interpretation to the listener as accurately as possible. Literally - to bring every note, every stroke to the one that I would like to hear in the end. I hope you will be interested in both the idea itself and my performances themselves.
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I'm 20 and I'm a Pianist and a Composer. Watch and listen more on my YouTube Channel -…iew_as=subscriber