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About Cosmos Dream
                  When I created the project Cosmos Dream in the autumn of 2007, I would have never imagined that it would take such a dimension that would lead to the recording of a second album. The first one, Hope Of Dream, was more of an organised outlet.                My desire to produce something by using the musical material accumulated for many years preceded any thematic thinking. I knew that much of the music I had made would not be used by my band Ellips and I felt strongly about exploring progressive rock and ambient music with the purpose of not only recording unfinished mock records.                I also wanted to explore on my own, without any limits set by anyone. The album would therefore not be as perfect as the result of the band’s combined work but would be far more personal. This is what happened with Hope of Dream. First I had planned to develop some themes around Georges Orwell’s ‘1984’ but the album ended up being some questioning on the viability of hope in a world which is deprived of it. The underline and involuntary theme was hope. It just happened and hadn’t been planned beforehand.                After the release of Hope of Dream I decided to put an end to the project despite the many gratifying returns that I had received. I needed to spend lots of time towards my band and I was turning towards alternative rock which was quite a major change from the line-up of Cosmos Dream.                The trigger for the second album happened during the concert ‘The Wall’ given by Roger Waters in Bercy in June 2011. This was a huge artistic punch in the face. Being there was an incredible experience. Suddenly, the art piece was taking shape with its strength, its messages, its meanings and most of all its most amazing construction. The album-conception was going beyond its own conception. The ultimate art piece where taking each play individually and in any order would seem futile as the rhythm of the album was so amazingly thought through. After the show I was only obsessed with one thing: create my own ‘the Wall’. Of course, this didn’t mean copying the Pink Floyd art piece but to be inspired by what had lead to it. The unity of the album, the concept of the Opera-rock, the idea of making a double album:  I had all this in mind and it would be the inspiration for my second album Cosmos Dream.                 This second album is called How To Reach Infinity and had the chance to be published by a great name of progressive music : MUSEA Records. It took me a year to produce it and I'm now very proud of the result which is a real step forward for Cosmos Dream.                 Now that this second album is finished, I am not sure still what will happen with the project. Both albums are issued from a specific idea arose before the desire of making an album and it is very likely that things will happen in the same way again. But if I had to make a bet, I would say that Cosmos Dream’s next album will be much less of a loner job and much more of a cooperative one.