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Colors by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound

United States, Dance, Rock

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COLORS Yolanda Cazessus of YolandaSound
About Colors by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound
Thank you for listening to one of my songs and supporting the music.  Please search for me under Yolanda Cazessus of YolandaSound and listen to other original songs on YouTube.  I encourage you to leave your comments on Jamendo or by email, [email protected]. See you soon!  Thank so very much again......  Till next time!!! YolandaIntroduction:Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound, is a musician performing in Oakland, San Francisco, Bay Area, in Northern California. Her fondest memories are growing up on the West Side of Oakland, California.  The uproar of music in her home, varied, from Jose Jose, Julio Iglesias, Pepe Aguilar, RUN DMC, Ohio Players, Chi-Lites, James Brown, the Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band, Willie Nelson, Art of Noise, B52s, the CURE, Depeche Mode; while the next-door neighbor brothers, William and Williard, played drums, jazz guitar, bass.   Exposure:The first time she heard David Gilmour was in Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico.  She was five.  She asked her dad, "quien es ese hombre?" he says, "ese mija, es el Grupo, PINK FLOYD.  But there was more to be learned.  When she was about seven she recalls going to a friend’s house, in San Leandro, California.  He took out his 45-record player and put a song called, I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION.  With a sour look on her face and some sass, she says, who is that?! He promptly responded that is, The Rolling Stones, as he is dancing in the room and saying, "Iiii can't get noooo satisfaction…." Air guitar and all... Influences:As Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound continues to listen to new artist like, Amy Winehouse, and seasoned artist like Portishead, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Janice Joplin, Candice Staton’s, He called me Babe, and angelic sounds with higher tones like Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Stevie Nicks, Yolanda refuses to leave out Beth Hart; Susan Tedeschi, Nina Simone, Ana Gabriel, Rosana and Eydie Gormé as female vocal greats.   “Have you ever heard Nina Simone sing a song called, Buck?  This was during her nontraditional Blues period” she says.  Have you heard Linda Ronstadt sing a song called, Down So Low written by Mother Earth, Tracy Nelson?  Check it out!   Amazing live performance.   WOW!! WOW!!!As for the male artists, Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers.  Why does she single him out? His voice and sweet lyrics.  The sound of grit and pain is moving.  In her teens, Yolanda was captivated by her first love, Duane Allman, Going Down Slow and his rendition of BB Kings, Sweet Little Angel.  Now, Duane wasn't known for his singing, but for his guitar licks.  So, when she heard Gregg's voice, it was over for her while dancing to Dickey Betts. Still dancing, by the way.  Of course, there are other male singers; instruments included that sound amazing!!! Take Los Lonely Boys, the harmonies, Black Crows, tortured sound, Black Keys playful ways, John Bonamassa, the kid, Stevie Ray Vaughn old soul, Jimi Hendrix, the adventurer; and again, the Allman Brothers.  They had and have some of the best solos…Just take a listen to Dickey who transcends you, while Duane soothes you and Gregg ahh, she can't say enough about this band.  Everyone is so in sync with each other. She names a few of the members (Berry Oakley (B), (Butch Trucks, and Jaimoe (D), Warren Haynes) but feels guilty for not mentioning all of them here (Note: I'm certain she will update this with their names soon enough).Then there's Gregg Rollie, he sang for Santana early on.  Her favorite song from Gregg Rollie is Mother's Daughter, in Santana’s Abraxas cd.   When getting ready for her own performances she will listen to one of three songs which include, Eric Burdon. She encourages you to listen to ALL of the greats no matter who inspires you! Yolanda can go on and on about her inspirations, her place of worship is at the top, with her family.Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound has composed, performed, several songs, all in various tempos and genres:   Colors on is one of two versions released, (this version is on the tape reel recorded, mastered, mixed at Hillside Recorders, Robert Nunes' Studio with Georgia Sam).  The list of songs below are all originals and there are many others that she has not released.      Colors by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound    Bed of Thorns by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound    Remember Me by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound    Oh Well (Not Mastered) by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound    The Wrong Way by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound    Foolish Am I by Yolanda Cazessús of YolandaSound Yolanda sings her rendition of Hey Joe, and Tide to The Whipping Post, which can be found on YouTube.   Visit her link below and share your thoughts.She is on YouTube:   Exposure is the hardest thing to do for yourself.   There are so many great musicians and they only make you better.   Encouragement - encourage yourself to keep going no matter the obstacles.   You need to get out of your own way."I hope you guys continue to enjoy the music.  So let’s do it over and over again!  Thank you for listening!!!