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Cobus van Dyk

South Africa, Rock - Alternativerock, Blues, Classical, Rock - Classicrock, Corporate

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Thursdays Instrumental
This low tempo track consists of rythmic piano with melody provided by soulful cellos. The rythm is very subtly supported by a clean guitar and picking guitar in the verse. A little electric guitar solo provides nice emotional color three-quarters in.
Groove fusion
Wedding theme 1
About Cobus van Dyk
Introducing Cobus van Dyk, a passionate blues and rock artist taking listeners on a captivating musical journey. With a blend of influences, he creates mesmerizing compositions that evoke powerful emotions. Seamlessly fusing rock, blues and classical elements, each track showcases intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and innovative production. Experience uplifting beats, soothing melodies, and thought-provoking compositions, catering to various moods and projects.