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Chriz Ballandiz  -  EMA-Production Profile

Chriz Ballandiz - EMA-Production

Germany, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, Rock

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tango de la muerte - electro float
her song
mystic emotions
About Chriz Ballandiz - EMA-Production
Hey musiclovers out there,my name is Chriz Ballandiz and I am fullblooded musician since i`m twelve years old. My first real ideas/tracks saw the light of day when I was about fifteen.. I really enjoy it to mix different genres to hopefully find some new experiences.The album ´campfire acoustics´ includes two classical numbers by myself.The second album ´Electric Undertow´ is a short insight into the huge variety of music in my head! ;-)hope you´ll enjoy it... for a whole outtake of my musical experiments visit me ...  here you find an emotion for EVERY ear!!! ;-)