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Christoph A. Petz

Austria, Electronic, Pop - Electropop

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Meet Oskar
Listen to MEET OSKAR, an instrumental made for my brother in law Johannes Střelka-Petz, who invented a mobile braille-keyboard especially for blind people helping them to use smartphones. If you want to know more of this cool, helpful and innovative invention, click on this links:
About Christoph A. Petz
My name is Christoph A. Petz, I'm 28 years old and I come from an old, small town called Enns near Linz in Upper Austria. Living in Vienna, I found in 2015 the synth-pop/indie pop band ELEKTRIK SKIN together with Lukas K. and Alex Hoffmann. After a long, hard work we finally released our debut-single TV STAR in July 2019. As the main songwriter, I've been writing already more than 70 songs since 2011. Besides the band project, I really enjoy, creating mainly instrumental songs on my own. I don't want to write down any influences because there are too many. If you listen to the songs, you'll probably recognize them anyway.