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Cakeflap - The Bakery Is Open
About Cakeflap
On day release from the McVities test laboratory, four disgruntled employees decided they’d had one too many Digestives; even Jaffa Cakes weren’t hitting the spot. They decided to bring a medley of progjazzfunkcakefusion to the ears of Warwickshire. Choosing an eclectic and unrelenting barrage of genres and variations, Cakeflap attracted a mixed reaction: "Not so much a band as a piece of art""Cakeflap have really got their finger on the musical pulse"- Emily Andrews, Radio Warwick "The music is little more than Muzak""Unbearable""Essentially nonsense"- Ashley Lawrence (DJ) "To listen to from a melodic perspective this is absolutely horrible"- Chris Carter Nonetheless, CakeFlap continue at Gas Mark 9 for 20-30 minutes. CakeFlap Ingredients: Paul Roberts: KeysHywel Bennett: GuitarDan Roythorne: BassAlex Wilson: DrumsJames "Griff" Griffin (Oct 2007-present): More guitar