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United States, Hiphop - Rap

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Down The Shot
I'm CODE-EQ: a person that writes poetry and songs, and from time to time records them. Music is a passion I've had since I was a kid, its instrumentals and cool talk, since the days I was jammin Michael Jackson I was watching tv trying to moonwalk. EQ is equalization: an effect you can add to your voice when editing a recording. It can also mean that I'm trying to keep my Eternal Quality and that's the CODE I live by and that's what Im sporting. Listen if you want, we all have free will. GOD first. Jesus Christ is my master. Im a Christian Jew so how are you and what are you after. I'm cool with most types of music so if anybody wants to work with me, most likely I'm up for it, whatever genre. I was born in the city and at 7, I moved to the country up in the valley. I didn't fit in and at 15 I went back to the city but they didnt wanna have me. Not deep in the street OR in the sticks, but I can map the surroundings. It took a minute to figure it out, but Im like a gps, I can go anywhere because in HIS creation is where The LORD found me. So although I don't fit in and Im not accepted, which is deemed as faulty; I can do this on my own, they show they cant fuck with me, even though they don't want me. As long as Im me, Im not stopping. Soulo But Not Alone. LOVE and PEACE.