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Buiomega-River of pain
Buiomega-Suffocate the light
About BuiOmegA
In the time of cynicism, horror, ignorance, music as disclosure of the world, a universal language, and its universality is the totality of the concepts more or less how the concepts are the individual things. It has a fundamental spiritual component, that to make the today's society less dry, less individualistic, less pathological , in this context is born BuiOmegA , in March 2012, by 5 boys linked by their passion for music, and every form of extreme cinema 'art "underground". Buio Omega is the fall of events of our times, the relentless transformation, the evolution of the band members and of everything that surrounds them. The band's sound ranges from freezing black metal and doom atmospheres , but the width of their listenings leads to intrude also post and prog into their music.