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Australia, Dance, Electronic, Rock

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About Bomber Harris
Bomber Harris..... Other than founding member of "Plankton" who released lots of vinyl in the late 90's( see Oil painter, Founder of Red Mill (see spotify:album:2NJkZppwFsIhm2tNI4A9F4) the modern folk group & Guitarist in "Probably" (see )....... Marcus Lavers has also been known as the D.J. producer "Bomber Harris" - Playing on the world first internet pirate radio station "Interface" regularly (see ) amongst many other underground London venues in the 1990's. He was a founding member of SubDive, the rave org that held parties in a Russian submarine, large boats on the Thames, various disused railway stations and many more eclectic venues. Blending real instruments into electronica has been a hallmark hence the really diverse soundscapes. ------Bomber Harris Cheltenham born alter ego of Marcus Lavers and producer of various electronica now residing in Brisbane, Australia.