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United States, Rock - Alternativerock, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Electronic - Electronica, Pop - Electropop, Funk, Indie - Indiepop, Indie - Indierock, Pop, Pop Rock, Pop - Synthpop, Electronic - Synthwave

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The storm before the calm
An eerie but calm track utilizing distorted bass and electric guitar in A major.
bubblegum jazz
A short jazzy lullaby with with electronic drums in 3/4 time.
summer stroll
An upbeat song featuring a synth piano and syncopated drum beats.
A short trio of cello, piano and drums that creates a back-and forth of upbeat and slow sections.
bells n' bass
A track of mostly bells and slap bass with a syncopated drum beat.
About Blake Walker
I am a part-time songwriter.I make music in many different genres/styles.