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Turkey, Classical, Production, Production - Trailer

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The Flights of the Black Moth_ Epic Cinematic Trailer
Amazing, inspiring and motivational epic track with cello, epic drums, cymbals, bass and vocal harmonies. Music is perfect for trailers, teasers, love story, wedding, dramatic movies, wedding trailer, touching video, intro, video about the journeys, epical video, drone video, landscapes, nature, historical films, hollywood movies about superheroes, epicness trailers, epic story, slideshow, advertising, videos about traveling, podcast, video about games and superheroes, games.
The Drums of the Gathering Sand Storm_Epic Drum Track
Very powerful and intense track made of epic drums. It will perfectly fit any video or movie.
About Black_Moth
Black_Moth creates music varying from the orchestral classics to the ambient deep house. Common to every song made throughout the different genres is the high quality, unique style, and dedication to taste. No words are needed, just give a listen!