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Away From Here

Italy, Rock - Alternativerock, Punk - Poppunk, Pop Rock

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First song of the new EP "All The Feelings Come Out"
People Always Leave
Third song of the new EP "All The Feelings Come Out"
Second song of the new EP "All The Feelings Come Out"
Look at You
Fourth song of the new EP "All The Feelings Come Out"
Fifth song of the new EP "All the Feelings Come Out"
About Away From Here
Away From Here is a new italian pop punk band founded in 2016 by Francesca Urso (lead voice) and Andrea Ricchetti (second voice/guitar), a band characterized by pop punk sound with melodic vocals and catchy songs that remain impressed on mind with also the combination of female and male voices to make the songs more fascinating. The band is composed of five members:- Francesca Urso (lead singer);- Andrea Ricchetti (second voice/guitar);- Fabiano Dall'asta (guitar);- Giovanni Camposano (bass);- Luca Bajardi (drum).The quintet is going to release their first EP "All The Feelings Come Out" on October 18th which includes 5 songs. Each song symbolizes a different feeling like sadness, happiness, melancholy, love and anger. "All The Feelings Come Out" will be available on most of digital platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Jamendo and Amazon. On October 8th in 2018, the band releases their first music video "People Always Leave" as single from the new EP which decribes the sadness and loneliness feeling when people we love decide to go from us.