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Attilio Di Poce

Italy, Ambient, Pop - Electropop

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Wave of Sounds
Composed by Attilio Di Poce, Created By Logic.
About Attilio Di Poce
Attilio Di Poce is an Italian Musician & Composer from Anzio (IT). Born in Rome in 13/09/1990, he left his first part of Life in various Clubs of the city with his father Massimo Di Poce, a really good Drummer and Producer that played in different Band. By this Way He Grow Up , and he raise the pleasure for Music. Attilio Start to play live on stage in 2004, “ It is the Best Way of Living and be Your-Self ” he said.So year after year he change Bands and Style, when he decided to start to create his personal Art. His Music is a combination of sundry Kind of Music, like Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Fusion, Progressive & Electronic.