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Sangue Di Luna
Sentiero Verso Il Monte Silente
Arcane Terre
Nebula Sepulcralis
About Ater
2005Ater were born during september when Fez (bass) and Shadowmaster (drums) met Neram (voice) and Tiziano (guit). The arrangement of some material begun shortly, black melodic metal with primordial and raw setting in the beginning and more melancholy, epic and sometimes solemn after, alternating glacial and melodic riffs.2006After some gigs with local bands, Tiziano left Ater in November and Fez became the guitarist.2007 / 2008With the joining of I (bass) and Samael (rhythmic guitar) the previous songs were rearranged, and meanwhile Fez recorded the demo “Arcane Terre” which obtains a good success & reviews. The band takes part in local fests (some with Fearbringer, Otargos, Nefarium, Frostmoon Eclipse, Esoteric) and the writing of new songs by Fez makes Ater’s style more personal and different from the classic norwegian black metal.The harmony among the members grows, improving considerably the scenic impact thanks to the employment of torces and fire effects. After many concerts in Piemonte to promote the demo, the band decides to record the first full-length in Chivasso (TO, Italy) at the “One Voice Studio” of Daniele Giordana (sound F.O.H. for Obituary, Metallica, Motorhead and producer for BlackFlame, Mindsnare, Daemusinem and many others) during the summer.After the mixing, Ater takes part in the shots of the brand new Alex Infascelli’s movie, playing a song that will be part of the movie's soundtrack, which will be released on may 2009 for Sky Cinema.2009Ater release the first full lenght entitled Oltre la Vetta as self-distribution.WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A LABEL!