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Antropy - Dirty Little Mind
About Antropy
I was thinking the other day about life and existence and realized that almost everything in life is a distraction. It is a distraction from the fact that we are completely clueless on what is going on. We have no idea where, what, when, how and most importantly why we are here. We take our consciousness for granted and live life through familiar patterns that have been tried and tested in a system we do not even in the slightest comprehend. As much as it pains me to say this and with all due respect to anyone's individual beliefs, we are all merely using, as with the generations before us, religion as a safety net to give us a sense of security and purpose to proceed on with life without much consideration and deliberation to the questions that we cannot answer. Leading a 'normal' life would have us settle into a life of distractions that has no real meaning. Consider, ignoring whatever your religion teaches you for this short while, what happens to us when we die. When our consciousness ends, will what we have done in our lives have any relevance to our existence? Our existence is being molded towards the wrong direction, instead of putting in effort and energy into trying to find out more about the unanswered questions we are simply putting it into developing our distractions, submerging into a world that will make our short life as comfortable and meaningless as possible. As much as i would like to be different i am and will continue to be a slave of this very system i criticize and condemn. The culture of self discovery that i would like to inoculate in the people is not something that can be done overnight. Its a process that will take billions of years long after we cease to exist, but it would give me great self satisfaction for my band name to be a reminder of my knowledge and acceptance that there is more to life then we can possible hope to understand, with our narrow perspective, in our short lifetime. Antropy Is A Culture. Antropy Is A Distraction.