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Spain, Rock - Electrorock

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Flame Under Water
Flame Under Water is an epic-fusion old-style piece, a wave of emotion that quickly traps and lets go. It's a lesson learned and a hopeful smile for what comes after.
Vampire Love
Vampire Love is a dark and sometimes violent reflection on dependency and unnatural, conditional love. Powerful, airy, mysteriously catchy.
Origin is a fluid, sweet and airy romantic song, a dedication, a pure and simple catchy melody with electronic and acoustic instruments mixed in a pleasant trip to one's soul.
Dancing is a little instrospective piece about inner voyages, abandonment and surrender. Sweet, mysterious, romantic and at times disturbing.
Denial is a softly strong statement of rupture, the arrival and the crossing to the dimension beyond. It's a dark but hopeful piece of allowance, acceptance and search for a light after the tunnel.
About Anna:lee
Anna.lee is a singer & dancer of Italian origins, now living between Barcelona and Los Angeles. Lead singer of several alternative rock bands between 2000 and 2011, Anna.lee starts her solo career in 2012 through her work with Nock Music in Barcelona. ​ Anna.lee is now conquering the world with her dark but hopeful, mesmerizing collection of introspective pieces. ​ Her innovative sound is the contemporary chant of a goddess, of a techno-priestess standing between heaven and hell. It's a tale of a brand new world where Natura and Cultura, light and dark, old and new, feminine and masculine melt together in unique and hazy atmospheres.