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Andrew Riqueza

Russia, Ambient, Electronic - Chillout

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About Andrew Riqueza
Melancholic musician esthete.BeginnigIn 2008 originated the interest in writing his own compositions. Inspiration was amazing melodic trance & chillout music. Began experiments that did not show frames. Over time, the sound has become clear view, there were some interesting ideas, which are subsequently turned into a very pleasant and beautiful works.At the momentNow the history of the musician has several official releases on labels of America.Can be considered the most successful remix of Way Of Life, which won the judges of chillout & chill-trance music around the world. Rotation on various radio, including Digitally Imported (DI.FM), support in various radio shows and mixes, included in the compilation. The track, which even listen to 2 years after the official release.