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About Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez is a singer/songwriter who's intense like camping, so emotional he spells out the whole word, and has enough grit and fire to write about himself in the third person on a regular basis. One morning before he was too old to remember being born, he accidentally hit his ceramic cereal bowl with his small stainless steel spoon. This was how he discovered music. He discovered sexuality several years later by a similar accident involving his penis and his hand. With his versatile vocal abilities and eclectic guitar style, Andrew has been performing for the past two years all around Long Island and the New York Metro area to a rapidly-flourishing fan base of those who seem to think he's pretty good. For example, here are some things being said about him: "Andrew possesses a strong voice and beautiful falsetto, especially evident in his cover of Bob Marleys 'Redemption Song.' " Astrid Sutcliff, Aural Fix Magazine A unique and awesome Long Island musical voice. Newsday I have seen countless and dozens of acoustic acts over the past 4 years...and [Andrew] has to rank up in the top 5. I dig the passion, stage presence, and vocal ability. [He] is truly entertainingFolks, this cat can sing! H.M. Dave, Long Island Music Promoter/Booking Agent soaring vocal abilities and gently gentle picking style. Aural Fix Magazine The fact that people are willing to print such discriminate things about him in newspapers and magazines makes Andrew feel, Happier than a pig in shit. Having been likened to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple, Freddie Mercury, Rufus Wainwright, and Prince, Andrew remains very confused as to what his music sounds like to other people. The hardest question for me to answer always is what genre of music I play, he says. I never know what to say because, for me, writing songs isn't about genreI don't even think about itit's about writing the best possible song I can; and when trying to do so, I'm just as likely to draw from classical technique as I am from hip hop. Or something weird, like Balinese Gamelan. Okay, sure. Well, cooler-than-thou references to obscure ethno-music aside, Andrew's purest aspiration is to just not mess up. It's pretty embarrassing, he admits. I may've discovered music by accident, but making mistakes doesn't get you gigs. Indeed. Andrew is always eager to perform his unwonted mix of originals and covers (which range from Leonard Cohen and Rufus Wainwright, to Marvin Gaye and the Backstreet Boys) for you, so if you're still not interested, email him at [email protected] to get on his mailing list, and come out to a show. Then decide whether or not to be envious of his long pretty hair.