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Adrian D. Holmes

United States, Classical

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About Adrian D. Holmes
In less than three years, Adrian D. Holmes has risen from aspiring composer to an internationally recognized independent classical musician whose work has garnered the attention and respect from some of the greatest in the world of entertainment and has championed the admiration of listeners around the world. Adrian was born at the dawn of the new millennium in the cultural hoi-polloi of Phoenix, Arizona, before moving to the Sunshine State of Florida. His music reflects the many flavors and layers of artistic expression he’s experienced in his twenty years of living which captivates the hearts of many with every new recording he releases. During a recent interview, legendary stage and film actress Kaye Ballard thanked Adrian for helping “restore at least a little of my hope in young people.” George Bettinger, a prolific voice actor and internet radio host, hailed him as “a pioneer” in electronic classical music. Robby Benson (voice of The Beast in Disney’s animated film Beauty and the Beast), Karla DeVito, Maureen McGovern, and others have all extended their appreciation for Adrian’s commitment to the arts and his zeal for preserving the finest of the past with the best of today for the betterment of the future. With the release of his debut album The Pirates of Penzance: Revamped and Revisited and the prospect of 2017 ahead, Adrian is poised for greater things and looks forward to sharing every new turn with his family, friends, and fans, while partnering with new people every day within the universal community of music.