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About Adre'N'Alin
 Adre'N'Alin is a project by Igor Szulc – a singer, a composer and a pianist. Combining the piano with electronic sounds he is not afraid to experiment with many genres. First widely known single was a song called “Thing” released by Requiem Records on SLEEP WEEL v.3 compilation in 2007.After two years appeared “Cargo” – an independently released album. “Cargo” offers orchestral arrangements interwoven with live electronics. The album was well received by listeners and radio stations. It was presented in "Lazy Sunday" and "Radio Maria" – auditions on a radio Roxy FM, to name only two."What makes Cargo so impressive? Chilled-out classical instrumentation with particular emphasis put on the piano, often embedded in ambient electronic. The cello appearing almost inconspicuously in club beats. Disturbing, slightly neurotic aura. Orchestral splendor. Not to mention the overpowering melodies... Music of Adre'N'Alin depicts lightness of electronic loops as certain guidelines. You can easily see the precise knowledge of what the listeners expect. Igor does not attack with number of bits per second. His music appears to be an oasis of tranquility. But it doesn't really matter since listening to some of the tracks you can hardly sit still." - We Are From Poland In 2009 a string trio and a bassist/electronic support joined the band. In this shape they give concerts. They played, among others, at such festivals as Artenalia, We Have Sound and also - invited by the European Solidarity Centre - at All About Freedom Festival.