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About Acid Dreamz
 --> I am Acid Dreamz aka DJ Naved from Bangalore,India and I have been playing intense night time psy from 3 years,  though I picked up in 2007. In spite of me being a computer engg and having regular job as a Sound Engg with smartphones Games/Apps development company called "Permeative Technologies Private Ltd." Dark psy has always been my first love. My Psychedelic journey started in 2003 just as a listener. Gradually I fell in love with psy music. I started Djing in 2005 in underground psy trance gigs and I  was the resident Dark Psy at Club Flames in 2007. In many of the gigs in Bangalore, I open up for International acts. I also organize small open air entry free gigs in the outskirts of the city only for friends. I have a fixed crowd of more than 100 dark psy lovers in Bangalore who never miss out any gigs whenever I play. I became part of the Sonic Tantra family on its 5th anniversary. Also, I am signed up with the Dubai based record label Samana Records, I recently got into production and during the self learning process I managed to produce some tracks.  Note: Please note that the tracks are not up to the mark since I am still into the learning process. My idea of a dark set is telling a story with eye to eye contact with the crowd to read their mind. The Body Language on the console also plays an important role for me. I believe in myself throwing out the energy on the console, since it acts as a stimulant for the crowd. I believe that the track selection is the most important job of a DJ. In my sets, I do play lots of tracks of Sonic Tantra Records (INDIA).I love to create mad energy of my sets when playing, I believe that psy is not just music, but a culture, as well.  I have played in many open air gigs, Club Flames (resident dark DJ in 2007), Pulse(Country Club), Nyx, Urban Edge, Club Nero and Fun Fort water park. I have played with DJs/artists like Sirius Issness(Phanatism records, Barcelona), Ocelot(Zaikadelic Records, US), FreeAtmaah aka DJ Asad( Paradiso Records, Foot Stomping Records and Mechnik Records, France), DJ Nowhereman (Vertigo Records, Russia), Supersam(US), Aghori Tantrik (Sonic Tantra Records), Adi(Metaforce 6362), Nitin (Beyond Logic Records), Akira Nevin (Namaha Records),DJ Guru (Namaha Records, DJ Akbar, Wicked Sound System,Alisha (Russia), Firefly and DJ Kayvee, DJ Psymind, SilentNoise, Sheil, DJ Kill Bill and DJ Larry X. Link to my SoundCloud profile: am open for booking for any kind of safe drug free Psy Party. I also play best of chillout psy, progressive psy, psy breaks Suomi Saundi, twilight and morning full on.  I am grateful to my friends and my workplace "Permeative technologies" who keeep encouraging me and stood behind me all the while. A big thanks to Aghori Tantrik aka DJ Sid (owner and founderSonic Tanta Records) and Sanathana aka Swaroop (owner and founder of Samana Records)for sharing his knowledge with me.  Peace n Respect,Acid Dreamz Sonic Tantra Records, India/ Samana Records, BOOM!!! Facebook Fanpage: Facebook profile: